How To Choose Between Wireless Headphones and Earphones

Are you confused about buying wireless headphones or earphones? Don’t worry, I am writing this article to give you a clear knowledge of both types. It will help you to choose the best model headphone for your daily usage.

Nowadays, wireless headphones are the trending product in the market. Because wireless headphones provide more features when compared to wired models. Features like noise-cancellation, compatibility, portability, and sound quality make wireless headphones as a trending product all the time.

From my experience, all I can say is it’s best to use wireless over ear headphones. Also, you can check this article to get detailed comparison between headphones and earphones.

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Headphones and Earphones

Headphones are mandatory for high-end audio works like recording and mixing. It is because the sound quality in the headphone is crystal clear with an active noise cancellation facility. Also, it helps the musicians to build their own home studio with a minimal budget.

Earphones are otherwise called as in-ear headphones or earbuds. It usually comes as default with the portable mp3 players. It delivers decent sound quality, but it is always replaced with a better model by considering the sound experience.

To give you a clear idea about headphones and earphones, we have these following two basic applications while clear your doubts.

Sweetened vs. Flat Frequency Response

When you listen to the same music with different headphones, then you will probably hear differences that are due in part of “sweetening.” Sweetening is nothing but the process of EQing in the headphones, which makes the better sound quality. But in case of earphones, the bass frequency is emphasized to the natural leakage so you won’t get a good sound effect.

These sweetening modes are of two types. They are Defined Field(DF) and Free Field(FF). FF simulates an open hearing environment without reflection then DF simulates it as a closed listening environment such as a hall. But in case of monitoring the music mix process, you don’t need a sweetening rather flat frequency response will help you to fix the levels correctly.

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What to Consider For Choosing Headphones


Portability is one of the important factors for choosing a headphone. If you are doing a lot of physical activities means you can go with a lightweight model. But you need it for studio works means you can choose the heavier closed-back circumaural models.


Everyone wants their headphone to work for a longer time. If you are using a lightweight model means you must take safety measures to protect them because it can be easily damaged when it is out of your head. Also, it is very hard to find spares for the damaged products to replace them.

Fit And Comfort

You must wear a headphone for at least 30 mins to check whether it is comfortable for you or not. Because wearing some headphones for a longer period of time will make severe pain on your head and ear. Always go with larger ear cups because it will give you greater sound experience and less pain on your ears.


If you are choosing a wired headphone based on your budget, then make sure to know the length of the cable is enough for your use. Also, avoid very lengthy cable because it makes a negative impact on sound quality by reduced volume and higher noise.

If your model have short cable means you need to use an additional extension. Also, don’t go with the cheaper quality extensions because it delivers poor quality sound only. My advice is to use a single cable from your source to the destination.


Choosing the right headphones, earphones, or earbuds, is completely depends on your budget. Considering your usage and requirements, you can choose the headphone for your daily usage. But keep this in mind quality is directly proportional to the money.