How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar – A Beginner’s Guide

For every beginner, the most important thing that has to do with their guitar is tuning. If you are at a practice session and your tune gets out from what you are trying to make, then it will disappoint you and your colleagues around you.

Most different things may slightly affect your tune, which is temperature, humidity changes. You could also look at your strings when you are going to start a tune because carrying your instrument in your bag may give your string a slight position changes, and also, if you are replacing a new string, you should have to tune-up.

Basic Tuning

Study each node of a string:

basic tuning guitar

Proper nodes make you prepared for the next step to a beginner level. Without knowing the proper nodes, you can’t be able to proceed further, as you know where the closest string should get placed from low to high. The correct string nodes are

  • E
  • A
  • D
  • G
  • B
  • E(Thinnest string)

Identify correct tuning pegs:

You need to check where the string should get placed and in which direction it should be. Before you consult any tuner, just turn the peg to anticlockwise and clockwise to get up and down, it is not constant gets differ based on the guitar. This was the way how the entire professional string will be placed on their guitar.

Place a correct pitch in your correct string: 

Adjust your peg; if you were too sharp by losing it, you would get a proper pitch by making it lower.

If your tune were too flat, just raise the tune smoothly by creating some tension on the string, keep it repeat until you get the correct pitch.

You could match your guitar string pitch with the instrument which you are going to pair and play. For example, if you were going to make a pair with the piano or trumpet, make pair with those players by asking them whether your pitch is correct or not. Mainly ask about the pitch of E string, which is 6th one until you match the pitch with them.

Tuning more preciously

tuning guitar

Invest in chromatic guitar tuner:

It is like an auto tuner that will tune your guitar easily and more properly and gives you a visual graph of how your pitch is, whether it is too high or low where to adjust. Except for turning a peg, it will give you a brief description.

You have to invest in this tuner, which you will get various products based on the price and quality. Also, you can check the top acoustic guitars that have built-in tuners. 

Tune-up whenever it is possible:

To tune from the flat tune to the sharp tune, or from sharp tune to the flat tune is more important in all type of acoustic guitar. You need to create a correct direction for the string to create a correct tune. You need to have a low down the pitch and slowly turn up the pitch. This is important for the entire acoustic guitar that adjusting from the low to high by giving the tension by tuning up.  

Even if you hear a sharp tune, just flats the tune, and then later, you will get the tune-up.

Use fresh string:

If you used any of the worn strings, it would easily get out of tune even if you are playing the correct guitar correctly. If you found any of the things is wrong that just keep the string replaced.

Using Alternate Methods

Tune the guitar to other instruments:

If you are familiar with the piano or keyboard and you are familiar with the notes of that, then you can get the tune by yourself by matching with it by adjusting the corresponding string to get the accurate tune.

Research on online:

Lots of mobile apps and generating devices were available online. You can research it and quickly get set up with your guitar. The basic tuner was one of the iOS app available for the tuning of your instrument. This app is accurate and cheap.

Use alternative tunings:

Some of the most famous guitar players will tune their guitar using drop D tuning method. This method will have the string D to the bottom with the replacement of E. You can also Google down the other alternative methods given below:

  • Open C tuning (CGCGCE)
  • Open D tuning (DADF#AD)
  • Irish tuning (DADGAD)
  • Open G tuning (DGDGBD)


So for every beginner of the guitarist, you should have to follow the initial tuning of the guitar to make yourself motivated every time with the tuning sound you composed. There were also many apps available in the play store and app store. You could browse with that best one and follow if you are interested in using mobile apps. 

How to Remove Animal Hair Out of the House Completely

We all see a pet family member in our house. We are giving our pet the same attention that we provide to our family members, and we are pouring our unconditional love on our pets. The pets will shed off their hair on your living place. 

Even if you groom and brush your pet, their hair will get shed off, and these hairs will get to stick on our clothes, furniture, and all over our home. To get rid of this, cleaning our house is really important. In this blog, we have some simple and easy ways to remove pet hair from our house completely.

animal hair completely

How to Deal with pet hair

Cleaning the pet hair is one of the toughest jobs for every pet owners. Some of the most common ways to deal with pet hair is using a vacuum and brushing the pet. Most probably, it will remove the pet hair and stop shedding. 

Regular cleaning of the room and grooming your kid will get rid of hair from pets by 97%. There were some other common methods, like using tap rollers, which is used to remove the hair from clothes and furniture.

Air Cleaner

Make your living room surrounded by air cleaner, which will make you breathe properly, also clean the air filter on a regular basis.


Wash your beds weekly to get rid off pet hairs. Buy the beds with washable covers, which will help you to remove and wash your bed cover without cleaning your whole bed.


Flooring your house is most important to deal with your pet hair. If you used carpet to cover your floor, it would be difficult for you to clean your floor from pet hair. Giving your floor a hardwood and tile will be easier for you to deal with the pet hair. 

While using the carpet floor, you can’t be able to find some breed of dog hair on the floor because their hair and your floor type get matches, and it is difficult to deal with it.

Bottom of Rubber-soled shoes

Usually, we people floor our stairs with carpet mainly to avoid the sound, this carpet holds the hair of the dog. So, to remove those kinds of hairs present, use tennis shoes which are good at removing the pet hair, you can also use it in the car because most of us will have carpet in the car. If you are entering proper cleaning, you can wear your shoes in your hand and can remove it easier.

Mopping the Floor

This method will be best suitable for tile-based floor, where we can mop our floor regularly to get rid of the dog hair, in this tile floor we can easily manage to remove the pet hair which will also be visible easier and while mopping also the hair will get dry and cling easier to our normal hand.

Dry Sponge

We use furniture in our daily life, the same as our pets also will use the furniture present in our house. A damped sponge will remove the hair easier; it will be used on furniture to ball up the hair.

Rubber Gloves

Most of the users will handle the pet hair with rubber gloves. This will be the best way to deal with the hair present over the furniture. If you wear gloves and rub the furniture or table surface, 98% of the hair will bow up and comes to the surface of your glove.

Slip Covers

The most common recommendation that all will follow in our house is adding a cover for our furniture, using this makes our living room out of look. The look of our room will get somewhat worst when we use clothes to cover our house furniture. 

Nowadays, the furniture selling company itself making a suitable cover for the furniture, so if you use to cover, you can wash it regularly and get rid of the pet hair.

Shampoo and Rinses

Shampoo, which is prescribed by the doctor, has to be used to minimize the level of hair shedding. Bathing the pet is the best part if you do it after grooming and brushing.

Professional Services

There were major house cleaning services available, particularly for removing the hair of pets from our living house. You could also contact them; this team will remove the hair present in your house by the cleaning range of 99%.


To make your house clean and neat from pet hair you can follow the above steps, the major reason for removing hair from our house is for hygienic, the fur and lint present on our pet surface may harm our family members. To keep our house neat, clean, and our family members healthy, we must undergo the process of removing hair from our house. So follow the above steps and make your house clean and healthy.

How to use Keyword Finder tool for Long Tail Keyword Research

Long Tail Keywords are a real gem for many digital marketers. But finding one of them is the most tedious task. So we came up with this guide to find a low competitive long-tail keyword with keyword finder tool.  

Keyword Finder tool for Long Tail Keyword Research

Keyword Finder is a powerful keyword research tool that helps to find long-tail keywords with huge search volume and low competition. If you are looking for an alternative of Google Keyword Planner, then Rank Tracker’s Keyword Finder tool will be the best choice.

Unlike Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Finder has very clean UI and easy to use interface. This makes Keyword Finder the best tool for digital marketers and bloggers.

Keyword Finder by RankTracker

Before getting into the topic, go to RankTracker’s website and create a free trial account. With the free account, you can able to perform five keyword lookups and five SERP lookups per day for the first ten days.

And you can do a maximum of 100 keyword searches within the trial period. Then you have to purchase their premium plan to move further.

Find Long Tail Keywords with Keyword Finder

In the RankTracker dashboard, navigate to the Keyword Finder tool and enter your desired keyword on their search box by specifying the language and targeted country. Then a list of long-tail keywords will be displayed on their dashboard.

If you are looking to drive local traffic, then filter those keyword results by location-wise. Also, Keyword Finder shows search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC along with each keyword. Then download the filtered long-tail keywords list as excel or CSV file format.

Metrics to be Considered

Here we mentioned the list of metrics that need to be considered for selecting the best long-tail keyword for your project.

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Google Trends
  • CPC
  • PPC
  • Google SERP Results

Keyword Difficulty

First of all, filter the downloaded keywords based on keyword difficulty of count less than 50. Keyword Difficulty above 50 is a little bit harder to rank. There Keyword Difficulty is calculated based on several factors such as competitors ranking, paid traffic, monthly search, etc.

Monthly Search Volume

After performing the Keyword Difficulty process, filter the remaining keywords list with a monthly search volume of at least 1000. If you filter lower than 1000 volumes, then the chance of getting traffic becomes very low. 

Google Trends

You will see Google Trends for every keyword on their dashboard itself, so choose the keywords which have good trends.


Keyword Finder will show both CPC and PPC for each keyword, so select keyword which has low PPC to avoid paid competitors.

Google SERP Results

You don’t need to search your keyword on Google to get the SERP page. Instead Keyword Finder itself shows the SERP page for every keyword on their dashboard. Check the top 10 results for your keyword by comparing the Referring Domains, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and quality score of competitor websites.

Repeat the same until you get the low competitive keyword for your SEO project. 

If you are not getting a top low competitive keyword, then change your niche and put the new keyword on the search box so you will get new keyword ideas for your project.

Competitor’s Domain Rating, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Referring domains, Backlinks are the most crucial factor to consider while choosing a money keyword.

Create Keywords List

Keyword Finder allows you to create a custom keywords list with all of your selected long-tail keywords. With this keyword list, you can able to perform more research like finding a new niche to work. So save this list from the Keyword Finder tool to your computer with CSV file format.

Keyword Finder tool has an email alert feature to notify when any new keywords that rise in your niche. So don’t forgot to subscribe to the email alerts else you will miss many opportunities on your niche. 

How To Keep Your Floor Clean Of Dog Hair

Most of the people will agree that pets are excellent additions to any family; fighting alienation is most pet owner’s nightmare. But you can quickly clean the dog’s fur, with a little care.

Here we listed some ways which will help you to clean your dog’s hair better.

clean up dog hair

Using Humidifier 

A humidifier can ensure your home’s surfaces are not so dry, ensuring loose hair and nails are not as likely to cling to these surfaces.

You’ll still need to wash the dog’s hair, but it’ll be much smoother because you won’t stick to all these problematic places.

Using a humidifier can also make respiration easier and avoid drying out of the skin. Bringing moisture to the environment also makes it easier for the dog to clean its fur.

Sheets of Hairdryers are Suitable for Collecting Hair from the Animals

Fur from your dog get everywhere? Will you find that every time while you leave home, you have to take off the dog’s hair? Do you need help removing pet hair from your sofa? Here my favorite method is quite easy for collecting pet hair: it has drier sheets.

Assure you have some dryer sheets available to help remove pet hair. Without the dye pads, I don’t know what I would do: they work wonders to pick up dog hair at nearly anything.

I use them on the floor, on the corners of the furniture and around those nasty baseboards. I learned by keeping my hair loose and clean that using a slightly humid dryer sheet works wonders.

Remove Dog Hair With A Duct Tube 

Although some people spend money on lint rolls, you already have duct tape or packaging tape; it makes no sense to invest in any of those things.

Have a roller on hand, and take it in seconds to remove excess dog hair from your clothing.

I don’t have to explain possibly how it works. It’s as simple as putting on and removing a strip of masking tape onto the garment that has fur.

Use Wet and Brush your own Carpet Gently Before Vacuuming 

Would you put a lot of dog hair on your carpet, or am I? If you want to pick up lots of animal hair on the floor, clean the carpet and use a rubber broom to cover all the fur in a tidy little bag.

Use some baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming if you want to remove any animal odors while doing so.

Just be careful not to wet your carpet, as the carpet doesn’t dry quickly; Wet carpet is the best mold growth area. A bit wet, it will do the trick instead of soaking.

By Covering Up 

Often the furniture used by your pet should be covered with such items as blankets or carpets. You can’t throw a sofa in the washing machine, but a blanket can be removed and placed into the washing machine.

The reason most people ignore this approach is that it’s hard to decorate. All your chairs look dusty and old-fashioned when they have a loose cover. Thankfully, a lot of companies are finding a solution now. When you’re looking in the right places, you’ll find furniture covers that could make your living room more beautiful.

Have a huge stock, so when washing, you can remove one. And you can use a range that matches different seasons or events.

Use a Damp Sponge or Rubber Gloves 

Are you looking for an easy way to remove animal hair from your furnishing? Use a damp sponge or rubber gloves (the dryer sheets operate as well). Dog hair adheres to rubber gloves and wet sponges very well and will help remove almost all hair that adheres to furniture.

Wash the hair of your dog, while this does not actually count as a reason for cleaning the hair of the dog, it helps prevent the development of the condition.

When you brush your dog regularly, you’ll be able to collect the most hairs that are dying and dying before it has the chance to fall and mess up your home. Also, be sure to use a good brush frequently to grab loose hair, and easily get rid of it.

There are specially designed brushes and combs, and devices for loosening and removing hair. Regularly bathing your dog to keep his hair clean and nice, and brush even more comfortable. Initially, routine pet grooming helps reduce the problem and eliminates the need to vacuum.


How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Your Baby

Nowadays, the baby car seat became one of the essential things for parents to buy. If they have a car means a baby car seat must be present in their garage. A wide number of baby car seats are available in the market. So we made this article to guide you to choose the best car seat for your baby. 

Choose Best Car Seat for Your Baby

We categorized baby car seats in the following ways

  • Car Seats by Age
  • Safest Car Seats
  • Easiest-to-Use Car Seats
  • Car Seat Based on Costs

Let us see each one of the categories in detail and then choose the best car seat for your baby.

Car Seats by Age

Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats can be used for newborn babies to 14 months old babies. It is very light to carry and portable one so that you can easily clip in and out of the car. You just gave birth to your child and looking for a car seat? Then check the newborn car seats that suits your baby.

Reasons to Buy Infant Car Seats

  • Babies can’t sit on their own till their first six months, so you can use the infant car seat to clip in the car easily.
  • If your baby is sleeping means, you can easily unclip and move the seat.
  • Infant Car seats are suitable for all kinds of temperature.

Convertible car seats

Convertible car seats can be used both as a front-facing seat and rear-facing seat. It can be used for newborn babies to 2 years old baby. It is too heavy when compared to an infant car seat. So you can’t expect portability in this type of seats. 

Reasons for Convertible car seats

  • Save money by buying all in one seat
  • It is more comfortable than an infant car seat, so your baby will have better sleep
  • Also, a rear-facing convertible car seat is safer when compared to a rear-facing infant seat

Booster car seats

If your baby’s age is more than two years and not tall enough to use an adult seat belt, then booster car seats can be used until ten years of age. Booster car seats can hold a maximum of 60 pounds. 

Safest Car Seats

Every parent cares about their child’s safety more than anything. And they are looking for safety in the baby car seat too. But don’t worry, every car seat in the market strictly monitored by federal safety regulations. So the worst quality product will be destroyed before coming to the market.

How to ensure the safety of a car seat?

  • Check whether the seat is installed properly
  • Make sure to move the seat to its all possible angle
  • Check the harness straps are perfectly positioned with the seat

Features of Car Safety

You must ensure the following three feature before purchasing a car seat

  • Side-impact protection
  • 5-point harness
  • Easy harness adjustment

Side-Impact Protection

Your car may get crashed on its side instead of the front. In this case, your baby car seat must provide side-impact protection. Govt agencies working on this to make a strict law for manufacturing side-impact protected seats.

5-point harness

5 Point Harness consists of two waist straps, two shoulder straps, and between-the-legs strap, which combined with middle buckled. Five Point Harness is far better than a three-point harness. Because they provide more side-impact protection

Easy harness adjustment

If shoulder harness doesn’t fit for your baby means your child is in danger. So your baby car seat must have easy to fit harness and portable.

Easiest-to-Use Car Seats

You must also consider the installation process of a baby car seat before buying. Because some seats require more installation work, which costs you more. So always check the installation procedure for your selected car seat. Also, try to do the installation process by yourself.

Car Seat Based on Costs

Everyone has a budget to purchase any product. So check your budget before choosing a car seat for your baby. Some baby car seat price is too high because of their features. So try to filter the features that you need and choose a car seat that fits your budget.

How To Choose Between Wireless Headphones and Earphones

Are you confused about buying wireless headphones or earphones? Don’t worry, I am writing this article to give you a clear knowledge of both types. It will help you to choose the best model headphone for your daily usage.

Nowadays, wireless headphones are the trending product in the market. Because wireless headphones provide more features when compared to wired models. Features like noise-cancellation, compatibility, portability, and sound quality make wireless headphones as a trending product all the time.

From my experience, all I can say is it’s best to use wireless over ear headphones. Also, you can check this article to get detailed comparison between headphones and earphones.

wireless earphone

Headphones and Earphones

Headphones are mandatory for high-end audio works like recording and mixing. It is because the sound quality in the headphone is crystal clear with an active noise cancellation facility. Also, it helps the musicians to build their own home studio with a minimal budget.

Earphones are otherwise called as in-ear headphones or earbuds. It usually comes as default with the portable mp3 players. It delivers decent sound quality, but it is always replaced with a better model by considering the sound experience.

To give you a clear idea about headphones and earphones, we have these following two basic applications while clear your doubts.

Sweetened vs. Flat Frequency Response

When you listen to the same music with different headphones, then you will probably hear differences that are due in part of “sweetening.” Sweetening is nothing but the process of EQing in the headphones, which makes the better sound quality. But in case of earphones, the bass frequency is emphasized to the natural leakage so you won’t get a good sound effect.

These sweetening modes are of two types. They are Defined Field(DF) and Free Field(FF). FF simulates an open hearing environment without reflection then DF simulates it as a closed listening environment such as a hall. But in case of monitoring the music mix process, you don’t need a sweetening rather flat frequency response will help you to fix the levels correctly.

choosing headphone

What to Consider For Choosing Headphones


Portability is one of the important factors for choosing a headphone. If you are doing a lot of physical activities means you can go with a lightweight model. But you need it for studio works means you can choose the heavier closed-back circumaural models.


Everyone wants their headphone to work for a longer time. If you are using a lightweight model means you must take safety measures to protect them because it can be easily damaged when it is out of your head. Also, it is very hard to find spares for the damaged products to replace them.

Fit And Comfort

You must wear a headphone for at least 30 mins to check whether it is comfortable for you or not. Because wearing some headphones for a longer period of time will make severe pain on your head and ear. Always go with larger ear cups because it will give you greater sound experience and less pain on your ears.


If you are choosing a wired headphone based on your budget, then make sure to know the length of the cable is enough for your use. Also, avoid very lengthy cable because it makes a negative impact on sound quality by reduced volume and higher noise.

If your model have short cable means you need to use an additional extension. Also, don’t go with the cheaper quality extensions because it delivers poor quality sound only. My advice is to use a single cable from your source to the destination.


Choosing the right headphones, earphones, or earbuds, is completely depends on your budget. Considering your usage and requirements, you can choose the headphone for your daily usage. But keep this in mind quality is directly proportional to the money.

How to Avoid Becoming A Victim to a Locksmith Scam

Looking yourself a way to break the lock of your door or car is the dumbest thing in this world. It is because you may forget your key or locked out outside. So you will search for any local locksmith to open the door for avoiding physical damage to your property and save your time.

But be aware there is a lot of locksmith scam going around you, so don’t be a victim of it. We always recommend to use trusted service like 247locksmiths to avoid being scammed.

In this article, we will tell how the locksmith scams working and prevention tips to avoid those scams. Don’t skip any topics we mentioned below.

How the Locksmith Scamming Works


We figured out the working process of locksmith scam usually, it consists of three phases, which starts from Gaining the User and ends with Paying Huge amount of money. Let me clearly explain each of the phases.

Phase one

A scam company will run online ads such as google ads for a non-existent company in your area. All the website details will look legitimate by having working images, customer testimonials, fake office areas, etc.. but none of them where real even the ad running company is not located in America. But a normal user will think everything is real and call the given number on their website. Here the scamming process starts.

Phase Two

After raising a call, it will connect to the main call center, which is located outside the United States. As I told you earlier ad running company doesn’t located in America. The customer care operator will talk very politely and quote a very low price, which you can’t refuse, so you will end up in accepting the offer. After accepting the deal, he will give contact details of a local locksmith in your area so you will call him and he will come to your home.

Phase Three

Once the locksmith reaches your house, phase three starts. He will say it’s impossible to fix this issue and wind up in drilling it. Then your lock will completely destroyed also your bill increased massively. Now the locksmith will install a new lock for your door, and he will give a new bill with 10 times the actual deal amount by claiming too much of the work I did for fixing this problem. Also, you can’t reject it and pay the asking amount, which eventually ending up in the scam.

How To Spot a Locksmith Scam and Avoid It

spot locksmith scam

Here we mentioned some tips by that you can able to spot a fake locksmith service.

Ad Quality is Too Good

Don’t think scam ads are worst looking one because no one will fall for it easily scammer also knew it. So they will run ads like a legitimate one by making a website design a professional one and provide real images that are copied from any product company. So my advice is to simply avoid those ads and go for any yellow pages website.

Call is Uncertain

As you know, any legit company calls will respond with their business name initially, but these will say “locksmith service” or anything which not belongs to any business name. Also, their quoted price will be very, very low, like $10. Know one thing first none of the locksmiths won’t work for that deadly price.

Very Slow Response Time

Call Center Operator tells you that your assigned locksmith will call you within 10 to 15 minutes, but it takes too many hours to reach you. It is probably because after completing your deal, only the service operator will search for a locksmith who is not a legit one.

Lack of Consistency in Appearance

The fake locksmith arrived in your home won’t wear any uniform or don’t have an ID card, which shows he is a licensed locksmith or employee of any company. Also, their vehicle won’t have any permanent markings for the locksmith business or service.

They Demand Debit or Cash

The fake locksmith always demands cash only because they can’t be traced. If you don’t have enough cash in your hand means they will accept the debit card and always avoiding the credit card because it can be easily traced.

We explained you the locksmith scamming process and how to spot those scam services, so follow our guide to avoid becoming a victim to a locksmith scam.

How to Download Netflix Movies and Web Series to Your Mobile Phone

As a Netflix user, we always worried about downloading a movie or series to our phone. Because if we have a free Wi-Fi connection means our mind will think about downloading movies from Netflix to watch it later. But the problem is we can’t be able to find the download option below the particular Video/Movie. To solve your issue, we came up with this excellent how-to guide for downloading Netflix movies or series to your mobile. 

download netflix

Downloading movies or series to your mobile phone have a lot of benefits. Because it is a portable one so you can watch it anytime, even on the travel or in bed. In this guide, we explained the best two working methods for downloading movies or series on your mobile phone. Those methods are

  • Download From 3rd Party Website
  • Download Through Netflix App

How To Download From 3rd Party Website

We prefer 3rd party downloading websites than Netflix App because the downloaded file can be watched anytime, and you only have full access over it. 

But in the case of Netflix app, you can able to watch downloaded movies/series only through the Netflix app. Also, there is a time limitation for the downloaded series/movie.

These movie websites provide complete free download for all catergories of Netflix Movies and Web Series without any annoying ads and popups. For downloading any Series or Movie, visit Movieroundup and follow the complete tutorial given there. 

How To Download Movie/Series Through Netflix App

Most of Netflix users don’t aware of this feature. A dialog box will be prompted when they do sign-in for the first time. It will have a Download Icon that shows you the download page of most of the movies and series. It works when you have a proper Wi-Fi Connection. Also, you can able to choose the video quality there. 

If you closed the prompt window before reading it means don’t worry at all. There will be Available for Download option near the search section. You can effectively manage the downloaded movies from Netflix through the below steps.

Smart Downloads

Every iOS and Android users have this Smart Downloads feature on their Netflix App. To enable this feature, go to App Settings, then choose Smart Downloads and Tap the Switch to On.

Once the Smart Downloads feature enabled, you can select any movie or series to download, but you need to be connected with any WiFi Connection. You can only be able to download three episodes of any series at a time. But don’t worry once you watched those, downloaded episodes will automatically deleted. Also, the next three episodes will be downloaded. This process goes on until the series ends.

Manage Downloads

If you don’t want to use the Smart Downloads feature, then you can able to manage your downloaded movie/series manually. 

To delete a particular episode, tap the Downloads tab at the bottom of the menu and choose the program which you want to manage. Select the episodes that need to be deleted and tap the Delete Download option through the blue icon menu.

To delete all downloads, navigate to the App Settings menu and tap Delete All Downloads option. It will completely remove all the downloaded movies and series from your mobile.


Downloaded content through Netflix App won’t be displayed on your file manager, so you can’t be able to check how much space occupied by that content. All the downloads done by the Netflix app will be shown only on the Download Section of the App Settings menu.

The amount of Storage occupied by Netflix is shown in that Download Section itself. There is no limitation for usage of Storage by Netflix. It will use as much your mobile has. So be clear on the quality of video that you are downloading because one video itself can take 10GB of storage space.

If you are an Android user, then you can able to store downloaded content to your memory card. To enable this feature, go to App Settings and look for Download Location then choose your Memory Card there.

How To Install Paint Protection Film To Your Car

Whether you have just bought a new car with beautiful paint or just finished your old car, newly painted, it doesn’t matter. You need to protect it from the dust. A Paint Protection is one of the best ways to protect your car’s surface. It is a thin, translucent film which will look like a Ceramic Coating usually put on the car’s front to prevent gravel and insects from flying, scratching and damaging the paint while traveling from one place to another.

If you have a patient and can follow basic instructions, you can do it by yourself, or you can ask a professional to install the car paint protective film. The protective film can be purchased in rolls or kits. If you’ve already done a window tents film, then you’ll get a good idea of how this process of installing film works. It is the same technique because this thin thermoplastic urethane film uses a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive to adhere to the surface.

Car Paint Protective Film installation Steps:

1. Have a clean environment that is dust-free. You can’t install this film in a spotless place.

2. Gather all your requirements. It involves the solution for film roll or set, knife, scraper, and application.

3. Now the film can be measured and cut to match your vehicle. This move can be difficult because it must be precise. If you are not sure to cut the film with the right dimensions, we suggest you buy the custom kits. The film is already pre-cut to match certain templates.

4. Now, all the things are set, and the vehicle needs to be prepared. It must be absolutely impeccable because no dirt and dust to be left under the thin film on the car’s surface.

5. Use the application solution to moisten the region thoroughly. Remove the film’s back and place it gently without applying pressure. Use the squeegee once it is placed and smooth the bubbles of water and air. Start at the center and push for the best results outward.

6. Use the knife to cut off the excess film once the film is in place, and all the bubbles are gone.

You are ready to enjoy driving your car after following these steps without thinking about the things that hurt it. Installation can be tedious because it paints a protective film, but if you’re taking your time and being patient, you’ll easily get all the benefits of your hard work.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film For Your Car

The paint protective film addressed all the negative aspects of vinyl fasteners and improved the benefits of having one. It’s just a hassle to put on and take off using the black vinyl bras. Worse yet, where it was painted, bras would damage the paint, and, honestly, they are no longer quite trendy. Paint Protection Car has a film that is nearly undetectable. The film does not damage the paint and does not require washing removal.

Perhaps the film’s most exclusive advantage is, apart from its rock and road damage resilience, is that you can’t see the car’s safety. It’s all the time, when rain or shine in the car, ready to repel stings and rocks.

Generally speaking, the film is more effective than anything else in preventing rock chips and debris. Unlike painting, they simply rebound when stones hit the film. The day it enters and leaves the tubing, it does not deteriorate or wear out. The film not only maintains its integrity for a span of 3 to 4 years, but it does not degrade or wear out.

Someone who wants to keep his car safe is the perfect client for the film installation. Second, every day they enter the highway, the regular traveler can make full use of the film. Finally, this film is for the car owner who keeps his vehicle in a high blue book for more than 5 years and wants to keep the vehicle’s resale value.

Search for an established company while looking for an installer. Good work is never cheap, and it’s never good when it is cheap to work. The film can be rented by anyone. Work quality can vary greatly, and many people are trying this industry and finding out how hard it is. This takes years for the services to become professional. The last thing you want to do, after all, is to invest a lot of money on a new car and skimp on quality work. Once the film has been mounted by professionals, no further maintenance will be needed.

As for the price, it’s never easy. The bumper’s total coverage can only vary between $350 and $450. Think that it as an ounce of recovery worth a pound of prevention. Many repairs to the bumper will be between $600 and $700.

How To Compress a Video For Free on Windows and Mac

Are you facing low storage on your devices like Computer or Mobile just because of a Video? don’t worry I have simple solution for your problem. Usually videos files occupy large amount of storage space so first we need to compress the video files into very small size and then we can save it in our storage devices.

how to cpmpress a video

How To Compress a Video

You can compress video either through a software or uploading it in a Online tool. Since Online compression is pretty much easier than using software so I am listing both online tools and desktop softwares to compress a video. If you want to compress a video on your Android device means please follow this tutorial.

  • Aconvert
  • Handbrake
  • Online Uniconverter
  • VideoSmaller

Let us see every tool in detail


Aconvert is very best online tool for compressing a videos with same quality and the best thing is it is a free tool so you can able to compress any number of videos at free of cost. Open Aconvert Website and follow the below steps:

  • First Register a Free account on Aconvert Site using your mail id then logon to it.
  • In Dashboard you will see an option to Choose Files just click it
  • Then choose the video file which you want to compress from your computer
  • Select your Target format from the list of formats option
  • And Select Do Not Change anything else option and click Convert.
  • It will take some time for the conversion process, once completed you will get the conversion success page with all necessary details like Download option
  • You can either download it to your Cloud Storage or System Storage so select as per your wish


Handbrake is a multi-platform supported video conversion free tool which is available for both Mac and Windows so download and install it on your system. You can get the download option from their official site.

  • Now open the installed Handbrake from your system.
  • Choose the video you want to compress on the source option and select the desired output format
  • Also Select the Video Resolution if you want to reduce your original view
  • And select the output folder for your converter video then click start option
  • Conversion will end up in few minutes and delete the original video

Online Uniconverter

Online Uniconverter is available both in online and desktop software. You can choose anyone as per your need also both are free versions. I am telling the steps to compress in online method.

  • Go to Online Uniconverter Homepage and Register your account
  • Then Drag & Drop your Video file to Uniconverter dashboard
  • Choose the desired output file format and resolution size and click Compress
  • Now video will be compressed and prompt Download option to download the compressed file to your system.

This tool won’t take more than five minutes to compress your video and you need to negotiate the ads shown on their site.


VideoSmaller took last position in my list since it can provide compression in only one format that is MP4.  You don’t need to register on their site to compress your video.

  • Select the video file from your system than you want to compress and upload it on VideoSmaller site
  • Tick the box to use low compression method for best video quality
  • Then Click on convert, after few minutes your video will be compressed and downloaded to your system