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How to Clean Carpet Like a Pro

Carpet has many merits and advantages as a flooring material, but spills can leave stains and daily traffic takes its toll. Learn how to clean carpet with methods for vacuuming, deep cleaning, and stain removal that will help your carpets look better and last longer.

clean carpet like a pro

Test for Colorfastness

Before you begin cleaning carpets, the first step is to test its colorfastness. Colorfast carpet will not bleed, fade, or change when you are cleaning it or removing stains. The colorfastness will help you decide the best carpet cleaning method, products, or machines to use. Follow these steps to pretest your carpet to find out if it is colorfast.

  • Locate a carpet scrap or an inconspicuous spot on the floor, such as the carpet inside a closet. Vacuum the carpet.
  • Dampen a cloth with the carpet cleaner or carpet stain remover you want to use.
  • Lay the cloth on the carpet for an hour, and then blot the damp area with a dry white cloth.
  • If the cloth is stained with carpet dyes, test other carpet cleaning products until you find one that does not make the carpet sample bleed.

How to Clean Carpet

It’s important to protect your furniture, carpet padding, and subfloor when cleaning carpets. Grab a partner to help you remove furniture from the room where the carpet is being cleaned. Here I listed the two best ways to clean the carpet.

  • Dry Extraction Method
  • Water Extraction Method

Dry Extraction Method

Other home carpet cleaning systems use a dry extraction method to wash carpet. First, spread a dry absorbent compound over the carpet being cleaned, then vacuum it with the carpet cleaning machine. Although they usually work better than steam cleaners, dry machines and chemicals are more expensive than steamers and wet extraction solutions.

Water Extraction Method

Most home carpet cleaning systems are water extraction units, which are also known as steam cleaners. They work to wash carpet by injecting a solution into the carpet pile, then pulling the dirty solution back into the machine. To avoid the hassle of dragging a hose around the house, opt for a model that does not require a clean-water hookup. Also, choose the most powerful carpet cleaning machine you can afford to ease the burden of water extraction.

Some Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning tips

Do Regular Vaccum

Vacuuming up your carpet will make the job much easier as it removes every tangled dust particles and debris. After vacuuming, it is advisable to check a small area first (just to test the effect of the carpet cleaning solution on the carpet).

Clean in straight lines

To attain the most thorough cleaning, use parallel strokes with carpet cleaning solution. Another smart tip is to push the carpet cleaner at half the speed of that on an upright vacuum. Meanwhile you can check the best home blog to get professional results.

Do not rub

If you don’t want to make the carpet stains stubborn, resist your temptation of rubbing them. Rubbing make the condition worse as it allows the spill to soak in the carpet. Instead, dab the stain with a good cleaning solution and clean rug, sponge or paper towel. Always start from outside the stain and gradually move inward as blotting upward will spread the stain to a larger area.

Target spills promptly

Any small accident can become a stain if it is not treated in a straight way. Your carpet cleaning solution if applied immediately will be able to work on the spills before it soaks in. Therefore, keep the carpet cleaning solution readily available.


To keep your carpet spotless all the time, don’t take long gaps between washes. In addition, seek professional help when your carpet needs in-depth cleaning. Following all these tips will keep your carpet new looking for a longer time. Share your carpet cleaning experience with us.

How to Remove Animal Hair Out of the House Completely

We all see a pet family member in our house. We are giving our pet the same attention that we provide to our family members, and we are pouring our unconditional love on our pets. The pets will shed off their hair on your living place. 

Even if you groom and brush your pet, their hair will get shed off, and these hairs will get to stick on our clothes, furniture, and all over our home. To get rid of this, cleaning our house is really important. In this blog, we have some simple and easy ways to remove pet hair from our house completely.

animal hair completely

How to Deal with pet hair

Cleaning the pet hair is one of the toughest jobs for every pet owners. Some of the most common ways to deal with pet hair is using a vacuum and brushing the pet. Most probably, it will remove the pet hair and stop shedding. 

Regular cleaning of the room and grooming your kid will get rid of hair from pets by 97%. There were some other common methods, like using tap rollers, which is used to remove the hair from clothes and furniture.

Air Cleaner

Make your living room surrounded by air cleaner, which will make you breathe properly, also clean the air filter on a regular basis.


Wash your beds weekly to get rid off pet hairs. Buy the beds with washable covers, which will help you to remove and wash your bed cover without cleaning your whole bed.


Flooring your house is most important to deal with your pet hair. If you used carpet to cover your floor, it would be difficult for you to clean your floor from pet hair. Giving your floor a hardwood and tile will be easier for you to deal with the pet hair. 

While using the carpet floor, you can’t be able to find some breed of dog hair on the floor because their hair and your floor type get matches, and it is difficult to deal with it.

Bottom of Rubber-soled shoes

Usually, we people floor our stairs with carpet mainly to avoid the sound, this carpet holds the hair of the dog. So, to remove those kinds of hairs present, use tennis shoes which are good at removing the pet hair, you can also use it in the car because most of us will have carpet in the car. If you are entering proper cleaning, you can wear your shoes in your hand and can remove it easier.

Mopping the Floor

This method will be best suitable for tile-based floor, where we can mop our floor regularly to get rid of the dog hair, in this tile floor we can easily manage to remove the pet hair which will also be visible easier and while mopping also the hair will get dry and cling easier to our normal hand.

Dry Sponge

We use furniture in our daily life, the same as our pets also will use the furniture present in our house. A damped sponge will remove the hair easier; it will be used on furniture to ball up the hair.

Rubber Gloves

Most of the users will handle the pet hair with rubber gloves. This will be the best way to deal with the hair present over the furniture. If you wear gloves and rub the furniture or table surface, 98% of the hair will bow up and comes to the surface of your glove.

Slip Covers

The most common recommendation that all will follow in our house is adding a cover for our furniture, using this makes our living room out of look. The look of our room will get somewhat worst when we use clothes to cover our house furniture. 

Nowadays, the furniture selling company itself making a suitable cover for the furniture, so if you use to cover, you can wash it regularly and get rid of the pet hair.

Shampoo and Rinses

Shampoo, which is prescribed by the doctor, has to be used to minimize the level of hair shedding. Bathing the pet is the best part if you do it after grooming and brushing.

Professional Services

There were major house cleaning services available, particularly for removing the hair of pets from our living house. You could also contact them; this team will remove the hair present in your house by the cleaning range of 99%.


To make your house clean and neat from pet hair you can follow the above steps, the major reason for removing hair from our house is for hygienic, the fur and lint present on our pet surface may harm our family members. To keep our house neat, clean, and our family members healthy, we must undergo the process of removing hair from our house. So follow the above steps and make your house clean and healthy.

How to Avoid Becoming A Victim to a Locksmith Scam

Looking yourself a way to break the lock of your door or car is the dumbest thing in this world. It is because you may forget your key or locked out outside. So you will search for any local locksmith to open the door for avoiding physical damage to your property and save your time.

But be aware there is a lot of locksmith scam going around you, so don’t be a victim of it. We always recommend to use trusted service like 247locksmiths to avoid being scammed.

In this article, we will tell how the locksmith scams working and prevention tips to avoid those scams. Don’t skip any topics we mentioned below.

How the Locksmith Scamming Works


We figured out the working process of locksmith scam usually, it consists of three phases, which starts from Gaining the User and ends with Paying Huge amount of money. Let me clearly explain each of the phases.

Phase one

A scam company will run online ads such as google ads for a non-existent company in your area. All the website details will look legitimate by having working images, customer testimonials, fake office areas, etc.. but none of them where real even the ad running company is not located in America. But a normal user will think everything is real and call the given number on their website. Here the scamming process starts.

Phase Two

After raising a call, it will connect to the main call center, which is located outside the United States. As I told you earlier ad running company doesn’t located in America. The customer care operator will talk very politely and quote a very low price, which you can’t refuse, so you will end up in accepting the offer. After accepting the deal, he will give contact details of a local locksmith in your area so you will call him and he will come to your home.

Phase Three

Once the locksmith reaches your house, phase three starts. He will say it’s impossible to fix this issue and wind up in drilling it. Then your lock will completely destroyed also your bill increased massively. Now the locksmith will install a new lock for your door, and he will give a new bill with 10 times the actual deal amount by claiming too much of the work I did for fixing this problem. Also, you can’t reject it and pay the asking amount, which eventually ending up in the scam.

How To Spot a Locksmith Scam and Avoid It

spot locksmith scam

Here we mentioned some tips by that you can able to spot a fake locksmith service.

Ad Quality is Too Good

Don’t think scam ads are worst looking one because no one will fall for it easily scammer also knew it. So they will run ads like a legitimate one by making a website design a professional one and provide real images that are copied from any product company. So my advice is to simply avoid those ads and go for any yellow pages website.

Call is Uncertain

As you know, any legit company calls will respond with their business name initially, but these will say “locksmith service” or anything which not belongs to any business name. Also, their quoted price will be very, very low, like $10. Know one thing first none of the locksmiths won’t work for that deadly price.

Very Slow Response Time

Call Center Operator tells you that your assigned locksmith will call you within 10 to 15 minutes, but it takes too many hours to reach you. It is probably because after completing your deal, only the service operator will search for a locksmith who is not a legit one.

Lack of Consistency in Appearance

The fake locksmith arrived in your home won’t wear any uniform or don’t have an ID card, which shows he is a licensed locksmith or employee of any company. Also, their vehicle won’t have any permanent markings for the locksmith business or service.

They Demand Debit or Cash

The fake locksmith always demands cash only because they can’t be traced. If you don’t have enough cash in your hand means they will accept the debit card and always avoiding the credit card because it can be easily traced.

We explained you the locksmith scamming process and how to spot those scam services, so follow our guide to avoid becoming a victim to a locksmith scam.