How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Your Baby

Nowadays, the baby car seat became one of the essential things for parents to buy. If they have a car means a baby car seat must be present in their garage. A wide number of baby car seats are available in the market. So we made this article to guide you to choose the best car seat for your baby. 

Choose Best Car Seat for Your Baby

We categorized baby car seats in the following ways

  • Car Seats by Age
  • Safest Car Seats
  • Easiest-to-Use Car Seats
  • Car Seat Based on Costs

Let us see each one of the categories in detail and then choose the best car seat for your baby.

Car Seats by Age

Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats can be used for newborn babies to 14 months old babies. It is very light to carry and portable one so that you can easily clip in and out of the car. You just gave birth to your child and looking for a car seat? Then check the newborn car seats that suits your baby.

Reasons to Buy Infant Car Seats

  • Babies can’t sit on their own till their first six months, so you can use the infant car seat to clip in the car easily.
  • If your baby is sleeping means, you can easily unclip and move the seat.
  • Infant Car seats are suitable for all kinds of temperature.

Convertible car seats

Convertible car seats can be used both as a front-facing seat and rear-facing seat. It can be used for newborn babies to 2 years old baby. It is too heavy when compared to an infant car seat. So you can’t expect portability in this type of seats. 

Reasons for Convertible car seats

  • Save money by buying all in one seat
  • It is more comfortable than an infant car seat, so your baby will have better sleep
  • Also, a rear-facing convertible car seat is safer when compared to a rear-facing infant seat

Booster car seats

If your baby’s age is more than two years and not tall enough to use an adult seat belt, then booster car seats can be used until ten years of age. Booster car seats can hold a maximum of 60 pounds. 

Safest Car Seats

Every parent cares about their child’s safety more than anything. And they are looking for safety in the baby car seat too. But don’t worry, every car seat in the market strictly monitored by federal safety regulations. So the worst quality product will be destroyed before coming to the market.

How to ensure the safety of a car seat?

  • Check whether the seat is installed properly
  • Make sure to move the seat to its all possible angle
  • Check the harness straps are perfectly positioned with the seat

Features of Car Safety

You must ensure the following three feature before purchasing a car seat

  • Side-impact protection
  • 5-point harness
  • Easy harness adjustment

Side-Impact Protection

Your car may get crashed on its side instead of the front. In this case, your baby car seat must provide side-impact protection. Govt agencies working on this to make a strict law for manufacturing side-impact protected seats.

5-point harness

5 Point Harness consists of two waist straps, two shoulder straps, and between-the-legs strap, which combined with middle buckled. Five Point Harness is far better than a three-point harness. Because they provide more side-impact protection

Easy harness adjustment

If shoulder harness doesn’t fit for your baby means your child is in danger. So your baby car seat must have easy to fit harness and portable.

Easiest-to-Use Car Seats

You must also consider the installation process of a baby car seat before buying. Because some seats require more installation work, which costs you more. So always check the installation procedure for your selected car seat. Also, try to do the installation process by yourself.

Car Seat Based on Costs

Everyone has a budget to purchase any product. So check your budget before choosing a car seat for your baby. Some baby car seat price is too high because of their features. So try to filter the features that you need and choose a car seat that fits your budget.