How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar – A Beginner’s Guide

For every beginner, the most important thing that has to do with their guitar is tuning. If you are at a practice session and your tune gets out from what you are trying to make, then it will disappoint you and your colleagues around you.

Most different things may slightly affect your tune, which is temperature, humidity changes. You could also look at your strings when you are going to start a tune because carrying your instrument in your bag may give your string a slight position changes, and also, if you are replacing a new string, you should have to tune-up.

Basic Tuning

Study each node of a string:

basic tuning guitar

Proper nodes make you prepared for the next step to a beginner level. Without knowing the proper nodes, you can’t be able to proceed further, as you know where the closest string should get placed from low to high. The correct string nodes are

  • E
  • A
  • D
  • G
  • B
  • E(Thinnest string)

Identify correct tuning pegs:

You need to check where the string should get placed and in which direction it should be. Before you consult any tuner, just turn the peg to anticlockwise and clockwise to get up and down, it is not constant gets differ based on the guitar. This was the way how the entire professional string will be placed on their guitar.

Place a correct pitch in your correct string: 

Adjust your peg; if you were too sharp by losing it, you would get a proper pitch by making it lower.

If your tune were too flat, just raise the tune smoothly by creating some tension on the string, keep it repeat until you get the correct pitch.

You could match your guitar string pitch with the instrument which you are going to pair and play. For example, if you were going to make a pair with the piano or trumpet, make pair with those players by asking them whether your pitch is correct or not. Mainly ask about the pitch of E string, which is 6th one until you match the pitch with them.

Tuning more preciously

tuning guitar

Invest in chromatic guitar tuner:

It is like an auto tuner that will tune your guitar easily and more properly and gives you a visual graph of how your pitch is, whether it is too high or low where to adjust. Except for turning a peg, it will give you a brief description.

You have to invest in this tuner, which you will get various products based on the price and quality. Also, you can check the top acoustic guitars that have built-in tuners. 

Tune-up whenever it is possible:

To tune from the flat tune to the sharp tune, or from sharp tune to the flat tune is more important in all type of acoustic guitar. You need to create a correct direction for the string to create a correct tune. You need to have a low down the pitch and slowly turn up the pitch. This is important for the entire acoustic guitar that adjusting from the low to high by giving the tension by tuning up.  

Even if you hear a sharp tune, just flats the tune, and then later, you will get the tune-up.

Use fresh string:

If you used any of the worn strings, it would easily get out of tune even if you are playing the correct guitar correctly. If you found any of the things is wrong that just keep the string replaced.

Using Alternate Methods

Tune the guitar to other instruments:

If you are familiar with the piano or keyboard and you are familiar with the notes of that, then you can get the tune by yourself by matching with it by adjusting the corresponding string to get the accurate tune.

Research on online:

Lots of mobile apps and generating devices were available online. You can research it and quickly get set up with your guitar. The basic tuner was one of the iOS app available for the tuning of your instrument. This app is accurate and cheap.

Use alternative tunings:

Some of the most famous guitar players will tune their guitar using drop D tuning method. This method will have the string D to the bottom with the replacement of E. You can also Google down the other alternative methods given below:

  • Open C tuning (CGCGCE)
  • Open D tuning (DADF#AD)
  • Irish tuning (DADGAD)
  • Open G tuning (DGDGBD)


So for every beginner of the guitarist, you should have to follow the initial tuning of the guitar to make yourself motivated every time with the tuning sound you composed. There were also many apps available in the play store and app store. You could browse with that best one and follow if you are interested in using mobile apps.