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Using Political Cartoons to Understand Historical Events

A cartoon is a way to quickly say how you feel or what you think.

Presidents have always been looked at through the eyes of the cartoonist.

Drawing a cartoon of the President is the cartoonist's way of telling the readers something about the job of being president. The cartoon at its best is used to simplify and get to the heart of the matter.

Intended Grade Level: Upper Elementary and Middle School

Lesson Purpose: This lesson uses political cartoons to engage students in a deeper understanding of U.S. and world history and specifically the life and times of Herbert Hoover.

The Hoover Presidential Library invites students who visit the museum on a school field trip to draw political cartoons focusing on President Hoover's life. These cartoons will be displayed on our blog "The Hoover Blackboard."

Lesson Objectives:

You can also download the entire lesson plan as a PDF document.