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Steeple Rock Development Company
Steeple Rock, Grant County, New Mexico

Steeple Rock, N.M. March 5th, 1897

Mr Louis Janin .E.M.
San Francisco Cal,
            Dear Sir:-

                Understanding that Mr. H C.Hoover, who was formerly in the employ of this Company, is an applicant; through you, for a position, with a Foreign Company, I take great pleasure in stating; that during the time Mr Hoover was associated with us here we always found him to be very reliable, and trustworthy, and a perfectly competent, and first class Geologist, and Mining Engineer.

                I therefor [sic] have no hesitation, in reccommending [sic] him to any person in need of the services, of a conciencious [sic] hardworking, and sober Engineer.

Very truly yours;