How to Download to Indonesian Songs on Android Mobile

Do you want to hear Indonesian songs and don’t know how to download it? Don’t worry. This guide will help you to download lagu gratis. Downloading mp3 songs in Android mobile is not at all a difficult job. You have to follow the exact steps mentioned below to download it.

In this guide, we explained two different ways to download mp3 songs on your Android mobile; you can choose any one as per your need.

download indonesian songs

Using Rickwarrennews

Rickwarrennews is a very popular website for downloading Indonesian mp3 songs. It has a huge database of songs on their server. Its user interface is also very simple. Anyone can able to easily access their site on any mobile screen.

They categorize songs based on the genre like love, romance, sadness, etc. Also, they have the search option to retrieve your required songs very quickly. Follow the steps below to download mp3 songs from Rickwarrennews.

How to Download MP3 Songs From Rickwarrennews

  • Open their site URL on browsers like Chrome, Opera, or UC Browser. You can use any browser its completely your wish.
  • Once the site loaded on your browser, use the search option to get your required song. Else you can select the top played song or most popular song too.
  • After finalizing the song, use the play button to hear the sound quality. If you don’t like the sound quality means check different versions of the same song.
  • After confirming the sound quality, click on the download button. A new tab will be open. On that new page, click on the MP3 download button or MP4 download button. Now your song will start to download on your Android phone.
  • You can check the status of downloads in the status bar. After reaching the 100% count, you can able to play that music on the Music Player of Android.

Using Laguaz

Laguaz also a popular site to download mp3 songs. It has a very color full interface to attract users. Once you entered into this site, you won’t leave at least downloading three songs. It is because its UI itself indents you to download music from them.

They have a huge collection of songs from various artists and independent musicians. They also provide a search option to retrieve your favorite song. Laguaz well structured their songs into different categories. Now follow the below how-to steps to download music/song form Laguaz.

How to Download MP3 Songs From Laguaz

  • Open the browser on your Android mobile. I hope most of the users using Chrome only, so giving steps based on it.
  • Type the Laguaz URL on the address bar of Chrome and click the enter option. Now the site will be loaded.
  • Their homepage will show popular songs, and most played songs. You can select any one song from that list. Else use the search menu to get your required/favorite song.
  • After selecting the song, just make a click on it. Now you can able to play music on their site itself. Just hear a few lines of the songs and check its quality.
  • Then click on the Download Button. A new window will be opened with two options like Download MP3 and Download Video.
  • You can select any one option based on your interest. Then the song will be added to the Chrome download section. You can check the progress option there. After completion, enjoy the song.


I hope now you understood the two best ways to download Indonesian MP3 songs on your Android mobile. Don’t keep these steps with you only instead share with your friends and family and enjoy together.