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How to Pick the Best Gaming Laptop

Every PC gamers want to play games when they travel to someplace, but they can’t able to carry their desktop with them because of the lack of portability. In this case, owning the best gaming laptop will be a good choice because its performance is better than regular laptops. So we write this how-to guide for you to choose the right gaming laptop. No matter how you are good at PC building, you must check the gaming laptop buying guide to avoid the most common mistakes.

how to pick best gaming laptop

Step 1: Processor

Whether it is a gaming laptop or a commercial one, Processor is the first thing you must check because it handles all the system operations. Intel and AMD are the two brands that were ruling the processor industry. Intel is best for Single-core performance where AMD is best for Multitasking. For gaming, single-core performance is the main priority, so you can choose an Intel-based laptop. If you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming laptop means go with Intel Core i5 else go with Core i7.

Step 2: Graphics Card

Graphics card is the much-needed component for playing games. Even though the Processor comes with Integrated graphics having the Dedicated graphics card will allow you to play games at high resolution without any rendering issues. So choose the laptop that provides dedicated graphics. Prefer buying the latest Nvidia graphics chipset else you can’t play newly released games at high configuration.

Step 3: RAM

RAM is the third thing that you must check while looking for a gaming laptop. 8GB of RAM is sufficient for playing games, but on some laptops, you can’t be able to upgrade this memory in the future so go for 16GB of RAM. Don’t feel sad in spending some extra bucks for higher memory else you will end up in buying a new laptop in a few years. Check the Brand, Frequency, and Warranty policy of RAM while purchasing the laptop. Branded manufacturers provide at least ten years warranty for their RAM, so be careful in this.

Step 4: Storage

Nowadays, by default, laptops come with 1TD HDD storage that is fine for normal works, but for gaming, you need SSDs. Choose the laptops with at least 250GB of SSD memory. It will be useful in a fast loading and faster data transfer. Also, check the HDD’s rotating speed, whether it is 7200RPM or 5400RPM.

Step 5: Screen Resolution

You are going to enjoy the game by Display Screen only, so be careful in choosing the Display. Most gaming laptops come with a resolution of 1600×900 that is fine for entry-level gamers, but for hardcore, gaming go with 1920×1080 resolution since it provides better quality than others. Also, check the screen technology, whether it is IPS or LCD or LED; here, my advice is to select the IPS display panel because of the viewing angles.

Step 6: Keyboard

A normal keyboard is definitely not the right choice for gamers because it can’t handle n number of key press. Some gaming laptops come with a mechanical keyboard and backlit, prefer buying those kinds of laptops. Mechanical keyboard will work for a very long time, and backlit provides great effect while playing games.

Step 7: Design

Most gamers like the rugged design because it gives a greater look while showing off, but I give more importance to performance rather than look. Anyway, it is up to you to choose the laptop’s design because each person’s taste differs from others.


You spending all your hard-earned money in buying a gaming laptop, so buy the best one by doing all the analyses I stated above. The main problem with laptops is that we can’t upgrade the components like processor, motherboard, and graphics, so select the best device even if it costs more than your budget. Still confused in choosing the best gaming laptop means, please feel free to comment your query below I will guide you.


How to Choose the Best COC Base Layout from Internet

Clash of Clans (COC) players uses many bases that they found more efficient and effective according to their strategy. Many COC players have struggled to build a strong base in order to avoid being defeated by the attackers easily. In order to overcome that situation, we search bases that are available on websites, and some follow the YouTubers and keep on changing our layout manually, and that consumes so much of time. Even though we follow them, we often end up with another defeat. 

Don’t get disappointed. There are many other ways to overcome this issue. One way is to copy the base layout from the Internet; it will help you with the maximum of offense. There are many passionate base designers who are much talented, and they keep posting lots of base layouts on the Internet. Every base they post are well structured and tested. So, instead of creating your own layout, just copy the best layouts from Internet.

Now in this article, you will be guided on how to choose the available base on the Internet, and what are all the things that you should consider before executing it.

how to choose best coc layout

Don’t Use Popular Internet Base Layouts

All popular base layouts won’t work well because of its popularity. Many players use the same layout that will not make yours look different. So talented players train their troops according to the most popular layout, and if you are one among them, then you will get defeated by the attackers easily.  As my concern, do not go with popular layouts, as they are outdated by now.

Use Fresh Base

As there are many layouts, a single cannot withstand its streak for months. So, never use the same base layout for more than a month. If you try to use them for more than a month, then more players find their way to break it. In fact, there is no perfect base layout, and any layout can be wrecked. So here we recommend you to use the layouts that are not popular and familiar among the players. Sites like Top COC Bases keeps updating their base layout every month do follow them to get the fresh layout. 

Use Non-Popular Layout from YouTube

If you search for a particular layout, there will be lots of videos with more views. Avoid such layout video that has a more number of views. Just use the search filter and select lowest to highest views, which will help you to find different types of base layouts that are unpopular. Also, try to find new channels with the least subscribers who provide you with fresh layouts with a high success rate. Check the comments section for each video and look for the positive feedback. 

Undisputed Bases

You can’t find a base that cannot be defeated/wreaked by the attackers. There is no such thing available in any real-time games, particularly in Clash of Clans. You can find bases from the Internet which might work, but not for a long time. The more you use, the more it gets popular. What you need to do is, do not simply copy the layout from the Internet. But in addition to that, try to modify a little bit of your own style. Always remember not to use the same layout for more than a month.

Things You Should Never Have in your Layout

  1. Placing defenses next to the Town Hall. It helps the attackers to splash damage all your defenses, and it will be easy to destroy your Town Hall. 
  2. Not to have inferno towers together as it gets easily get frozen.
  3. No to place air defense at the edge of the base layout.
  4. Also, Heroes should be placed near the defenses, not to keep them far away from the layout.

Rotate Your Layout

When you use the layout from the Internet, just rotate the layout. By rotating the layout, the attacker finds it difficult to build a strategy to break it. It will look a bit different and might confuse the attackers. 

Positioning the Traps

When you copy-paste an internet layout, do not leave the traps as it is. Because traps are the ones that cannot be noticed while matching the base. When you use the same positions of the traps from popular layouts, the attackers will know well about where your traps are placed. So, it is way better to re-arrange the traps according to your own strategy.


There are many layouts that you will come across on the Internet. In this article, we have guided you on how to do to get a better outcome. Coming to an end, here we have recommended many tips for not getting messed up while using the internet base and how wisely to choose the layouts. Very often, change your layouts and try the tips which are listed and cherish your victories. I hope you find this useful. Enjoy Clashing.

How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Xbox Game Pass is basically a subscription service which gives access to thousands of games in Microsoft Game Store for that Microsoft charging a amount every month no matter if you use this service or not charges will be deducted every month from your account. If you want to cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription just follow the steps in our site. To know the best games that you can play with xbox game pass please refer here.

how to cancel xbox game pass

What will happen when I Cancel Xbox Game Pass?

Well this question will rise in your mind for sure. Don’t worry I will explain it in simple manner.

Partial Refund:

If you cancel you Xbox Game Pass subscription you may have a chance to get partial refund else just end your subscription service when it comes to end.

Turn Off Auto-Renewal:

In other hand, to stop your recurring bill every year or month after cancelling the service Microsoft Automatically end your Subscription after validity date.

And Cancelling the Subscription will not make any achievements on your profile which you earned during playing free games also any progress will not be deleted. You can also able to Subscribe Xbox Game Pass Service later if you wish to do it.

How To Cancel Xbox Games Pass Subscription

You need to open Microsoft Official Website to cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription. You can do it through your Mobile, Computer and Xbox too. If you wish to cancel subscription through Xbox means you need to use a web browser on you Xbox Console since you can’t simply cancel it through Subscriptions and Services Menu.

Follow the below steps to cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription:

  • Open url on your web browser with your mobile, computer or Xbox console.
  • Click on Services & Subscriptions menu,
  • Enter your Login Username and Login Password(if asked)
  • In Services & Subscriptions, look for Xbox Game Pass Subscription and click on Manage.
  • There you will see Cancel button on the right side just click it.
  • Choose Don’t charge my subscription option if you want to end your service after validity else choose refund option then click on Next.
  • And click Confirm Cancellation, that’s all your Xbox Game Pass Subscription service canceled.

How To Turn Off Xbox Game Pass Service Auto-Renewal

You can also cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription by turning off the Auto Renewal Option on your Subscriptions and Services page. By doing this your subscription only get canceled and you can able to play games till the subscription expiry date after that you won’t be charged any amount from your account. Follow the below steps to cancel auto renewal of your Xbox Game Pass:

  • Open
  • Choose Services and Subscription option
  • Go to Xbox Game Pass service and click manage.
  • Click on Change option on the right side
  • There you will see a option called Turn Off recurring billing simply click it
  • A dialog box will be prompted and Click Confirm Cancellation option from it
  • Now your Auto Renewal for Xbox Game Pass service get cancelled.

Why are you waiting Go and turn on your Xbox console and enjoy Gaming 😛