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How to Download Netflix Movies and Web Series to Your Mobile Phone

As a Netflix user, we always worried about downloading a movie or series to our phone. Because if we have a free Wi-Fi connection means our mind will think about downloading movies from Netflix to watch it later. But the problem is we can’t be able to find the download option below the particular Video/Movie. To solve your issue, we came up with this excellent how-to guide for downloading Netflix movies or series to your mobile. 

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Downloading movies or series to your mobile phone have a lot of benefits. Because it is a portable one so you can watch it anytime, even on the travel or in bed. In this guide, we explained the best two working methods for downloading movies or series on your mobile phone. Those methods are

  • Download From 3rd Party Website
  • Download Through Netflix App

How To Download From 3rd Party Website

We prefer 3rd party downloading websites than Netflix App because the downloaded file can be watched anytime, and you only have full access over it. 

But in the case of Netflix app, you can able to watch downloaded movies/series only through the Netflix app. Also, there is a time limitation for the downloaded series/movie.

These movie websites provide complete free download for all catergories of Netflix Movies and Web Series without any annoying ads and popups. For downloading any Series or Movie, visit Movieroundup and follow the complete tutorial given there. 

How To Download Movie/Series Through Netflix App

Most of Netflix users don’t aware of this feature. A dialog box will be prompted when they do sign-in for the first time. It will have a Download Icon that shows you the download page of most of the movies and series. It works when you have a proper Wi-Fi Connection. Also, you can able to choose the video quality there. 

If you closed the prompt window before reading it means don’t worry at all. There will be Available for Download option near the search section. You can effectively manage the downloaded movies from Netflix through the below steps.

Smart Downloads

Every iOS and Android users have this Smart Downloads feature on their Netflix App. To enable this feature, go to App Settings, then choose Smart Downloads and Tap the Switch to On.

Once the Smart Downloads feature enabled, you can select any movie or series to download, but you need to be connected with any WiFi Connection. You can only be able to download three episodes of any series at a time. But don’t worry once you watched those, downloaded episodes will automatically deleted. Also, the next three episodes will be downloaded. This process goes on until the series ends.

Manage Downloads

If you don’t want to use the Smart Downloads feature, then you can able to manage your downloaded movie/series manually. 

To delete a particular episode, tap the Downloads tab at the bottom of the menu and choose the program which you want to manage. Select the episodes that need to be deleted and tap the Delete Download option through the blue icon menu.

To delete all downloads, navigate to the App Settings menu and tap Delete All Downloads option. It will completely remove all the downloaded movies and series from your mobile.


Downloaded content through Netflix App won’t be displayed on your file manager, so you can’t be able to check how much space occupied by that content. All the downloads done by the Netflix app will be shown only on the Download Section of the App Settings menu.

The amount of Storage occupied by Netflix is shown in that Download Section itself. There is no limitation for usage of Storage by Netflix. It will use as much your mobile has. So be clear on the quality of video that you are downloading because one video itself can take 10GB of storage space.

If you are an Android user, then you can able to store downloaded content to your memory card. To enable this feature, go to App Settings and look for Download Location then choose your Memory Card there.