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How to Eat a Mango in an Easier way

how to eat a mango

In this article, we were going to see how to eat a king of fruit (Mango). These are growing only during warm climates. The mangoes are the best fruit that is available all over the world. Before eating a mango, you should follow some steps to experience its whole taste. 

Types of Mango Eaters:

Below mentioned steps are how people eat mangoes normally.

Rip and Tear: 

Take fleshy mangoes and hold its skin with your teeth and peel the flesh using your teeth. Just lick the juice which runs out the flesh.

Juice Sucker: 

To suck the mango juice, take a mango and massage it soft to make the flesh. By your massage, all its flesh should become as a juice as gently. Now just put a small hole at the top and start suck and enjoy the taste well.

Cup Scooper: 

Cut the mango on both the side and they take a cup and start the mango goes from up to down to the lip of the glass. This removes the flesh from the skin of the mango.

How to Eat a Mango:

Cut the Mango:

 You have to cut the mango in the two or three halves. You should have to avoid larger parts by cutting it into three some times. Now make a vertical cut over the pieces you cut without cutting the skin only the flesh. And now make a horizontal cut. 

These cuts should only make for the flesh, not to the skin. Now take a piece and grasp the skin and push it forward. Now you will get a small piece of the mangoes called chunks.

Now pull out these chunks out from the mango skin. If you didn’t get the pieces, just slice them off with the knife or a spoon and put it into the bowl.

Eat it like Pieces:

 Now you can eat these mangoes in the bowl with the help of the toothpick or a spoon. Before starting to eat these mangoes, take a lemon piece and squeeze some over the mango pieces and start eating it.

Eat it with a salad:

Make these mango cubes into a salad by adding grapes, apple, and papaya. By having a lime juice with it will give a different and pleasant taste.

Eat Mangoes as a side dish for the main course:

Because of the juicy behavior of mango, they will be tastier when we add it to the main course, which will give us a juicy flavor.

You can create a mango salsa by mixing the anaconda and papaya, and now you can put this salsa over the chicken. Or you can also put chips using plantain and potatoes.

Make Mangoes as a Dessert with Ice Cubes:

Many of the desserts contain mango for their sweet and digestion. You can put the cubes in the ice-cream where both are available in summer. Put these cubes at the top of the ice-creams, or you can stir them inside, which will give us a delicious taste.

Pros and cons of eating Mangoes:


  • Mangoes have great tastes.
  • It has a lot of minerals and vitamins.
  • The main vitamin found in mango is Vitamin C.
  • It has fiber and is good for digestion.


  • It has a 15gm of carbohydrates for every 100gm, which is higher when compared to other fruits.
  • Eating a larger makes you fat.


Enjoy the mango with the above formats, but everything you eat should be a limit. Mangoes are used for a balanced diet that contains vitamins of C and A and also have a reasonable level of vitamins B and E. Some scientific research has shown mangoes are used to prevent degenerative eye disease. 

How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Xbox Game Pass is basically a subscription service which gives access to thousands of games in Microsoft Game Store for that Microsoft charging a amount every month no matter if you use this service or not charges will be deducted every month from your account. If you want to cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription just follow the steps in our site. To know the best games that you can play with xbox game pass please refer here.

how to cancel xbox game pass

What will happen when I Cancel Xbox Game Pass?

Well this question will rise in your mind for sure. Don’t worry I will explain it in simple manner.

Partial Refund:

If you cancel you Xbox Game Pass subscription you may have a chance to get partial refund else just end your subscription service when it comes to end.

Turn Off Auto-Renewal:

In other hand, to stop your recurring bill every year or month after cancelling the service Microsoft Automatically end your Subscription after validity date.

And Cancelling the Subscription will not make any achievements on your profile which you earned during playing free games also any progress will not be deleted. You can also able to Subscribe Xbox Game Pass Service later if you wish to do it.

How To Cancel Xbox Games Pass Subscription

You need to open Microsoft Official Website to cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription. You can do it through your Mobile, Computer and Xbox too. If you wish to cancel subscription through Xbox means you need to use a web browser on you Xbox Console since you can’t simply cancel it through Subscriptions and Services Menu.

Follow the below steps to cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription:

  • Open url on your web browser with your mobile, computer or Xbox console.
  • Click on Services & Subscriptions menu,
  • Enter your Login Username and Login Password(if asked)
  • In Services & Subscriptions, look for Xbox Game Pass Subscription and click on Manage.
  • There you will see Cancel button on the right side just click it.
  • Choose Don’t charge my subscription option if you want to end your service after validity else choose refund option then click on Next.
  • And click Confirm Cancellation, that’s all your Xbox Game Pass Subscription service canceled.

How To Turn Off Xbox Game Pass Service Auto-Renewal

You can also cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription by turning off the Auto Renewal Option on your Subscriptions and Services page. By doing this your subscription only get canceled and you can able to play games till the subscription expiry date after that you won’t be charged any amount from your account. Follow the below steps to cancel auto renewal of your Xbox Game Pass:

  • Open
  • Choose Services and Subscription option
  • Go to Xbox Game Pass service and click manage.
  • Click on Change option on the right side
  • There you will see a option called Turn Off recurring billing simply click it
  • A dialog box will be prompted and Click Confirm Cancellation option from it
  • Now your Auto Renewal for Xbox Game Pass service get cancelled.

Why are you waiting Go and turn on your Xbox console and enjoy Gaming 😛


How To Calculate Retained Earnings? Explained

calculate retained earnings

What is Retained Earnings?

The retained earnings are part of the net income or net earnings retained by the company after paying dividends to shareholders. In other words, retained earnings are a part of the net profit earned by the company in a financial year, and it is calculated to act as a fund for future projects, invest in other businesses, paying off debts, etc.

A company can have negative retained earnings. It is caused when a broad dividend distribution occurs that exceeds the balance of the outstanding earnings account or by the occurrence of a significant loss, which will create an offset in the retained earnings account.

Formula to calculate retained earnings:

Ending Retained earning = Beginning Retained earning + Net income (profit or loss)- Dividend

Let’s discuss the components of the formula:

Beginning Retained Earnings:

The Beginning RE is the accumulated surplus amount present in the account at the beginning of the financial year. This amount depends upon the profit or loss that occurred in the previous fiscal year. This value may be negative or positive.

Net income:

Net income is the total amount earned by the company in a financial year, which can be calculated by deducting the expenses such as material cost, general and administrative expenses, salaries of employees, interest to be paid on debt and taxes from the revenue earned by the company.
If the revenue is more than the expenses of the company, then the company is said to be in profit; if not, it is in the loss.


The dividend is the portion of net income given to the shareholders as a reward to investment in the company. This dividend amount affects retained earnings. So, the more the dividend amount is given to the shareholders, the less the retained earnings.

Which is better, Dividend or RE?

As we learned, the dividend and Retained earnings are part of the net income of the company if one goes up, and the other goes down. So, which is better for investors or shareholders?

In general, investors may think that a company that does not pay dividends or increases its dividend value over the next few years does not work very well.

But this may not be the case, and the company may be retaining the amount to invest in other projects so that the company will grow at a higher rate and earn more income than the amount to be paid to the dividend. They are thus resulting in increased share prince of the company benefitting the shareholders.

And this may not be the case all the time, the management may not be able to generate good returns. The company may have a loss and lost a considerable amount. The company uses fraud accounting so that they can show a lower income to reduce taxes or pay loss divided amount.

Example of Retaining Earnings:

Let us assume that the Beginning RE of the company is $100,000, had a profit of $15,000, and the company decides to pay $3000 as a dividend to the shareholders.

The end retaining earning can be calculated by using the formula,

Beginning RE =$100,000
Net profit =$15,000
Dividend =$3,000

Ending Retained Earnings = 100,000 + 15,000 – 3,000 = $112,000


Now we have a fair idea of what the revenue is retained, and we have also seen the RE calculation. The company’s management can do it in order to maintain an excellent profit to meet the company’s capital needs to reward investors for their investment.

How to Soften Cream Cheese in Easier way

soften cream cheese

Many dishes require cream cheese, which needs to be softened before adding to the recipe. There are many methods to soften cream cheese. Simply heating it can work, especially when it is stored in the fridge. Sometimes, you need to keep the cream cheese cool, such as for an icing recipe. For this kind of situation, you can use the following methods to soften the cream cheese.

1.Slice it down:

You can cut the cream cheese into cubes to make it soften faster. If you leave the cream cheese as a block, the outer side begins to soften, while the inside remains cool, slowing down the softening process. Use a butter knife to cut the cream cheese and spread it on a plate and rest it for 15 minutes and can be used.

2.Stir your cream cheese:

You can stir the cheese cream for about 5 minutes to soften manually. Spread the cheese cream out can help soften without the addition of any temperature.

For example, you can put the cream cheese in a bowl, then use a spoon to stir. The more you stir the cheese, the softer it will be.

3.Microwave the cream cheese:

Place the cream cheese in a microwave-safe bowl or dish. Set the microwave at high power, heat the cream cheese for about 15 seconds and check it out. If it is not soft enough, continue to microwave it for another 10 seconds. Don’t forget to check after each heating cycle.

4. Use a water bath:

Load a container with lukewarm water, then lay a pack of cream cheese in the water and let it rest for 10 minutes. Give the cream cheese in the water for an extra 10 minutes if it requires to soften more.

If it is not yet soft sufficient, add a pot of warmer water. Do not use hot water, which can dissolve the solids in cream cheese. If the cream cheese has already remained opened, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and place it in the water to prevent water from getting inside.

5. Add milk or cream to the cream cheese:

Put 225g of cream cheese in a bowl, then add about one teaspoon of milk or unsweetened cream to the cheese and mix well. If you need to, add a little until the cream cheese comes to the texture you are looking for.

It is because these neutral-flavored dairy products will soften the cheese but will make the cheese-less tangy but not to a noticeable point.

6. Add butter for smooth, thin cheese cream:

Butter is another right choice for softening cream cheese. To thin a 225g packet of cheese cream, melt about one tablespoon of butter in the microwave over.

Then mix the butter and cream cheese in a separate bowl and stir it well. You can add more butter if the cheese is not soft enough. Try to add unsalted butter because salted butter may change the taste of the cheese.

7. Use a standard mixer:

You can use a Standard mixer to soften the cream cheese. Place the paddle attachment in the blender then beat the cream for 60 seconds. Beat the cream cheese on low speed then slightly increase the speed but doing this you can achieve desired smoothness.